Facilities Rental

  • Posted August 2022: At this time, 妖姬社 ISD is not able to accommodate most requests for facility rentals outside of regular office hours of 8:00am - 4:30pm (or 4:00pm on Fridays). 

    妖姬社 ISD is proud to maintain orderly, clean, and safe facilities for our students. When not in use for student activities or other district events, some of our meeting spaces can be rented by outside groups. Examples include:

    • Pennington Field (12,500 seat stadium and large parking lots) and other athletic facilities
    • meeting spaces at the Pat May Center
    • school cafeterias, gymnasiums, or auditoriums.

    If you have any questions about renting 妖姬社 ISD facilities, please contact our Insurance/Contract Specialist at rentalinfo@hebisd.edu.

    Important Notes

    School activities take precedence over rentals by outside groups.

    妖姬社 ISD will evaluate each rental application to verify that requirements can be met.

    A deposit is due 30 days before the event. A signed agreement, certificate of insurance, and full payment are due 15 business days before the event. If you might not meet these deadlines, please contact our Insurance/Contract Specialist as soon as possible at rentalinfo@hebisd.edu. Missing these deadlines is valid cause for 妖姬社 ISD to cancel your rental.

    The certificate of insurance must name 妖姬社 ISD as the Additional Insured with Waiver of Subrogation in favor of the District. See "Insurance Requirements" document below.

    妖姬社 ISD faculty and/or staff may not represent an outside group to circumvent facility rental costs.

    Details & Documents

    • Pricing - pricing is based on several factors and will be discussed when application is submitted to the Insurance & Contract Specialist after campus' approval
    • Insurance Requirements
    • Application (please contact the school/building for availability before submitting an application)Rental Process

    Rental Process Outline

    To rent an 妖姬社 ISD facility:

    1. Contact the school or building to check facility availability:
      • Schools: List of schools with phone numbers
      • Pat May Center: call 817-399-2185.
      • Pennington Field: more information is available on the Pennington Field website. Call the stadium manager at 817-399-2305.
      • Auxiliary Services Facility: call 817-399-2403.
      • Other: contact rentalinfo@hebisd.edu.
    2. Fill out the Application Form (linked above) and send to school/building from Step 1.
    3. School/building will contact 妖姬社 ISD's Insurance & Contract Specialist (ICS), who will contact you to confirm terms, cost, and deposit. If you agree, ICS will give you a contract to sign.
    4. Send signed contract, certificate of insurance, and payment to ICS.
    5. ICS will send a copy of the signed contract to the campus and the renter.