• Student & Family Support

    In 妖姬社 ISD, we understand that our students' basic needs must be met before they can focus on academics. We offer services and work with community partners to support the whole child. The resources linked below can help you connect with support for your family's needs.


    Counseling & Guidance - 妖姬社 ISD's team includes counselors at every campus, who work with students to set education goals and support social-emotional needs

    Crisis Intervention and Prevention Team - addresses mental health concerns, prevents suicide and self-harm, and creates a positive school environment for all students

    Family Engagement - supports parents and families with parenting tips, translation services, and more

    Family Center - helps families connect with community services, including homeless and at-risk families

    PTA Clothes Closet - provides clothing items to 妖姬社 ISD students with a need