Curriculum Overview

  • Preparing for the Global Challenge

    Students today face more challenges than ever. As Texas education standards become more challenging, our school district's curriculum must also increase its rigor to help students be successful. When students graduate, they will compete against peers from other countries for admission to top universities and for positions in the global economy. The education that students receive in 妖姬社 ISD helps prepares them for life on their own, whether they pursue college, advanced technical training, or immediately enter the workforce. While the district provides the best teachers and a superior curriculum, in the end, it is each student's responsibility to take charge of their own learning. The Continuous Improvement (CI) model ensures that each student has the necessary resources to take ownership of their education.

    Continuous Improvement

    In order to give students the edge they need to compete in a global marketplace when they graduate from 妖姬社 ISD, district staff have implemented Continuous Improvement (CI) as a core district philosophy. This CI model makes 妖姬社 ISD more efficient and effective in its efforts to provide a quality education for all students. Using the CI model means aligning efforts at the district, department, campus, teacher, and ultimately, the student level. Everyone must work together to prepare each student for the future.

    40 Developmental Assets

    The district also incorporates the 40 Developmental Assets in our work toward Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Schools. When students are truly responsible for their own learning, they build positive characteristics within themselves. They visualize a positive future and engage in positive behavior to fulfill that personal vision. When students are motivated to succeed, they become motivated to help others succeed.


    • 妖姬社 ISD has three Pre-K programs to provide early childhood education: Early Start, which combines Head Start with traditional half-day Pre-K; Core Knowledge Pre-Kindergarten, a tuition-based program that uses the Core Knowledge curriculum; and the state-mandated half-day program, designed to enrich language development.
    • 妖姬社 ISD offers Schools of Choice programs including Suzuki Strings and Spanish Immersion. Parents can apply to transfer students to schools that offer these special classes.
    • 妖姬社 ISD now offers World Languages, which provides Arabic, Hindi and Mandarin Chinese language classes in junior high school, in order to help prepare students for life in a global economy.
    • 妖姬社 ISD has nationally recognized visual and performing arts programs, including band, choir, art, and theatre.